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What measures are undertaken against counterfeited products at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine?
The problem of active falsification of medicines deserves special attention >>>
Are famous global brands are copied by the national brands?
35% of products of well-known foreign brands in Ukraine are counterfeited. >>>
What is the share of tobacco counterfeit at the Ukrainian market?
According to evaluations of the market operators, decrease in gross output can make for 30% due to replacement of legal supply for illegal supply >>>
Is it true that the lion’s share of all infringements of copyright in Ukraine is trade of counterfeited goods?
Trade of counterfeited goods amounts for 23% of all copyright infringements in Ukraine >>>
How to avoid unfair competition?
At the present, unfair competition protection system undergoes the formative stage in Ukraine >>>
What is the difference between a counterfeit and an imitation?
According to the Customs Code, counterfeited goods are goods having objects of the right of intellectual property, import of which to the customs territory of Ukraine or export from this territory leads to infringement of ownership rights >>>