About Association

Association for Resistance to Unfair Competition ( АR UC) is an all-Ukrainian non-profit non-government organization aimed at developing fair competitive conditions in the business environment in Ukraine and on international level. It is a member of the International League of Competition Law - LIDC (Lausanne, Switzerland, website:  www.ligue.org ), being its official representative in Ukraine. 


Memorandum of cooperation and understanding between ARUC and LIDC

ARUC is the Ukrainian National Group of the LIDC (International League of Competition Law)


ARUC's areas of expertise include concepts of unfair competition in IP sphere, piracy and counterfeit products, comparative advertising, discreditation on the market, commercial secrets infringement, breach of competition laws, breach of concentration of economic entities, dumping or cartel conspiracy, agreed actions on the market and abuse of monopoly power, creation of barriers to market entry of new participants etc. 

The main objective of creating ARUC, as well as its high mission is to contribute and facilitate development of fair competitive environment on national and international levels, protect consumer rights, support and assist ARUC members in their fight against the above-mentioned.

Our highest priority is to protect members from unfair competition, which penetrates deeper into the Ukrainian economy from year to year and adversely affects business environment and companies operating on the market. In order to achieve the stated goals we consider cooperation with relevant state authorities to be extremely important for the Association's activities, and thus, we will act as a liaison between market participants and the State.

Active participation in the legislative activity is one of the core objectives of the Association. Under the auspices of the Association different committees, working and initiative groups has been established in order to provide their advice and suggestions on improving the legal framework in Ukraine, being a proactive member of many state public councils ARUC will, in turn, work on implementing those suggestions into Ukrainian legislation. 

Among the value-added member benefits offered by ARUC include but are not limited to:

  • assistance in creating and coding of rules of fair competition in the relevant industries;  
  • access to all necessary information as to development of competition law and fight against unfair competition, advisory services;
  • assistance in getting clarifications on hot issues from state authorities, as well as judicial and law enforsement agencies;
  • obtaining information on judicial practice;
  • developing comments to relevant areasof legislation; 
  • assistance in business development in copetitive environment;
  • support in relations with state authorities involved in fight against unfair competition, including: The State Security Service of Ukraine, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, State Department on Intellectual Property;
  • access to foreign practice and mechanisms of its implementation;
  • cooperation with international organizations;
  • research of competition issues in international relations and on national level;
  • access and participation in international events on competition issues.

All members of the Association have access to the library on its web-site that includes European and Ukrainian articles, analyses, overviews, reports, action plans, and legal literature related to fight against unfair competition.

Trasparency and democray are the main princiles of the Association's activity which are also general operating guidelines that all members are expected to follow. 

Please contact us at +38 (044) 390-5533 or  Mail@aruc.org.ua  for full information and additional details.


Download ARUC Presentation (pdf)